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Social Story

This document lets audience members know what to expect when they come to see the show-- from parking to plot to applause & more! A social story is created for all inclusive, relaxed performances. Please check out this example from the 23/24 season.

DTC Relaxed Performance Social Story Peter and the Starcatcher.png


Relaxed performances are designed to create a theatre experience that is welcoming, judgment-free, and inclusive of audience members with a wide range of sensory, learning, and communication differences, including individuals on the autism spectrum, those with developmental differences, or anyone who might benefit from this relaxed environment.  

To make sure all feel welcome and comfortable:


  • House lights will remain on at a low level in the theatre

  • The audience will have freedom to talk, vocalize, or respond aloud during the performance as needed

  • Audience members may leave or return to their seats at any time during the performance

Delaware Theatre Company staff members will be available throughout the theatre and the lobby during the entire performance to help make audience members feel welcome.


If needed, a refund will be provided up to 72 hours following the performance. For more information, contact the box office. 

Check back soon to see what is coming up in the
24/25 Season!

This live theatre experience welcomes individuals with a range of abilities and/or disabilities to enjoy the performance together in a “shush-free” zone.  The show will be performed as directed; however, the norms of audience etiquette are “relaxed” so that patrons have the freedom to appreciate the show in a manner authentic to their experience, including vocalizing their responses to the action on stage,  leaving and returning to their seats as needed during the performance, or using personal electronic or sensory devices in the theatre. 


Patrons attending this performance should be ready to join in as a welcoming, supportive member of this inclusive audience experience that opens the world of theatre to many who, without this type of environment, might not otherwise feel comfortable attending a traditional performance. 


(Note: Seating is assigned for this show. The house lights will remain on at a low level during the performance.)

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